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Kamloops financial advisor Vanessa Cullen, owner of Bradford Financial Services Inc., authored a chapter in the new book, Financial Success for Women by Women.

Just released, Financial Success for Women by Women is a compilation of examples and advice provided by top female Investment Planning Council (IPC) advisors in Canada. Cullen, the only advisor from the Interior of British Columbia, contributed a chapter about women being too conservative as investors.

“Women compromise their financial strength because many have a hard time thinking beyond the short term.  Women typically like to get debt paid off fast and, in some cases, this jeopardizes their future wealth security,” says Cullen

The book covers a range of topics from family financial values to socially responsible investing.  Complete with stories and examples, Financial Success is anything but dry financial advice.  There are strategies and topics that are specific to the financial needs of women including chapters on divorce or widowhood, and female business owners.  Although the book is primarily geared towards women, there are takeaways for both women and men. 

To obtain your copy of Financial Success for Women by Women contact Bradford Financial Services at 250-828-6767 or info@bradfordfinancial.org



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Vanessa Cullen, CIM, CFP®, EPC

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